Carbon Steel Strapping

Steel straps are strips that are presented in coils with a width from 15 millimeters. With a thickness that can go between 0.3 mm and 6 mm

Steel strapping is ideal for multiple applications, thanks to the physical and mechanical properties of carbon steel.

Among its applications we have:

Stamping is a manufacturing process where carbon steel is compressed between two molds. The load can be produced by progressive pressure or by percussion. For this, presses and hammers are used.

The metallic strips can be handled hot and can be worked to obtain the different types of carbon steel profiles. Steel profiles can be used in any context where the capabilities and mechanical properties of high carbon steel can be exploited.

The sausage consists of placing the metal sheet on a die and then pressing it into the cavity with the help of a punch that has the shape in which the sheet will be formed. In this way we will obtain different metal parts suitable for different applications thanks to the capacities and properties of high carbon steel.

  • Stamping metal parts metallic constructions
  • Metallic profiles
  • Construction Accessories
  • Metallic components
  • Metal fittings for furniture
  • Metallic carpentry
  • Furniture
  • Deep drawing metal parts
  • Mould
  • Shelves
  • Auxiliary metal industry
  • Iron warehouses
  • Tube manufacturers
  • Open profile manufacturer
  • Greenhouses
  • Structures for solar panels
  • Vineyard poles
  • Manufacturers of metal doors
  • Partition profiles
  • Steel frame
  • Metallic covers
  • Tube manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of burners and paella pans
  • Car
  • Blind manufacturers