Pre-lacquered carbon steel

Pre-lacquered carbon steel is composed of a coating in the form of paint or film, once a previous metallic coating has been carried out. Applied to carbon steel, the material that it covers in liquid, paste or powder format, produces a coating that provides specific protection or decoration.

Polymer-coated rolled steel coils, strips and sheets are cold or hot rolled steel products, mainly zinc coated or uncoated on which a decorative lacquer paint is applied. The production of these products includes the chemical treatment of the band, application of paint/lacquer on the band and heat treatment of the band to fix the product that is used.

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Pre-coated carbon steel is a carbon steel alloy coated with a layer of chromium to increase corrosion resistance. This alloy is used in a variety of industrial applications, from the manufacture of heavy industrial equipment to the manufacture of automotive components. This alloy is also used in the manufacture of tools, such as blades and augers. Pre-lacquered carbon steel is an excellent option for users looking for a strong and durable alloy for their projects.

Depending on the objective pursued, different coatings are used for the pre-painting of carbon steel, in order to provide different resistance properties or aesthetic finish. For example primers, polyesters…

The most commonly used films to coat carbon steel are:

  • Liquid paints
  • Powder paints
  • Polyesters
  • Plastisols
  • Polyurethanes polyvinylidene fluorides
  • Epoxy resins
  • Other protective laminated films

Galvanized carbon steel.

The first enamel that is applied has an anticorrosive function. This expands on carbon steel on both sides. It consists of a coating between approximately 4 and 6 microns that serves as a bonding bridge for the other final finish lacquers.

Finishing lacquers in carbon steel.

With a thickness of 20 microns, the finishing lacquers applied to carbon steel provide the product with durability and a clean finish, with a wide variety of colors, prepared to withstand inclement weather.

Uses of pre-lacquered carbon steel

The use of pre-lacquered carbon steel has been increasing thanks to

  • Automotive industry
  • Construction sector. Building construction (roofs, facades and other components)
  • Cold rooms
  • Industrial cameras
  • Interior linings
  • Exterior coatings
  • Rain partitions

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