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Carbon Steel Flat Products

Gestcom is a young, dynamic company, with a clear objective, the satisfaction of our customers. We supply carbon steel products to the entire industrial sector: processors, distributors and the end user.

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Carbon steel formats

We adapt to the needs of our client in terms of weights, diameters, dimensions and thicknesses of carbon steel.

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Choose the appropriate carbon steel finish based on its end use.

Carbon Steel Properties

It is no coincidence that carbon steel is used 9 out of 10 times, being found in countless products that we use every day. This steel is characterized by containing a percentage of carbon, acquiring exceptional properties and mechanical capacities, applicable to multiple contexts and situations.

Thanks to its physical and mechanical properties, it is capable of withstanding large loads and pressures, and can be used in different solutions. Also its durability and resistance to atmospheric corrosion make it an ideal material for a structural function and exposure to various weather conditions. Other properties can be resilience, resistance to fatigue, good formability and good weldability.

Carbon Steel Supply

Flat Steel Products Company

Carbon steel is a ferrous alloy made primarily of iron and carbon. This alloy is used in the manufacture of many products, from tools and weapons to furniture and buildings. Carbon steel is generally stronger and stronger than pure iron, and is therefore an extremely versatile material.

geometric pattern of stainless steel plates on tile wall of modern building in monochrome style

Carbon steel is a very versatile construction material. It is used to build bridges, buildings, roads, pipelines, railways, and other structural components. It is also used to make tools, machinery, electrical equipment, tableware, and other items of daily use. Additionally, carbon steel is an extremely durable material that offers corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Carbon steel is also a robust material suitable for and used in many different applications such as transportation, construction, equipment and machinery manufacturing. It is also used in the manufacture of chemicals, pressure vessels, and food processing equipment.

We are a distribution company with a presence throughout the country, we have supply sources from all over the world, we also have collaborations for the transversal or longitudinal cutting of our coils.

  • Carbon steel for stamping metal parts
  • Carbon steel for metallic constructions
  • Carbon steel for metal profiles
  • Carbon Steel for Construction Accessories
  • Carbon Steel for Metal Components
  • Carbon steel for metal fittings for furniture
  • Carbon steel for metalwork
  • Carbon Steel for Furniture
  • Carbon steel for deep drawing metal parts
  • Carbon steel for tooling
  • Carbon Steel for Shelving
  • Carbon steel for the auxiliary metal industry
  • Carbon Steel for Iron Warehouses
  • Carbon Steel for Pipe Manufacturers
  • Carbon Steel for Open Profile Manufacturer
  • Carbon Steel for Greenhouses
  • Carbon steel for Structures for solar panels
  • Carbon Steel for Vineyard Posts
  • Carbon steel for manufacturers of metal doors
  • Carbon steel for partition walls
  • Carbon Steel for Steel Frame
  • Carbon steel for metal roofs
  • Carbon Steel for Tube Manufacturers
  • Carbon steel for manufacturers of burners and paella pans
  • Carbon steel for the automobile
  • Carbon steel for blinds manufacturers
  • Carbon steel for custom flat sheets
  • Carbon steel for iron warehouses (distributors)
  • Carbon steel for metal doors
  • Carbon steel for manufacturers of burners and paella pans
  • Carbon steel for Manufacturer of public lighting and metal structures
  • Carbon steel for laser cutting companies
  • Carbon Steel for Press Brakes
  • Carbon steel for panel benders
  • Carbon steel for manufacturing drums
  • Carbon steel for armored doors or safes
  • Carbon Steel for Shear
  • Carbon Steel for Service and Distribution Centers
  • Carbon Steel for Cutting Line