Carbon steel plates

Carbon steel sheets are presented in sheet format with the dimensions requested by the customer. With a thickness that can go between 0.3 mm and 6 mm.

Steel sheets are ideal for multiple applications, thanks to the physical and mechanical properties of carbon steel.

Among its applications we have:

Thanks to its physical and mechanical properties, being able to withstand large loads and pressures, this type of carbon steel can be used in different construction solutions. Also its durability and resistance to atmospheric corrosion make it an ideal material for a structural function.

Laser cutting technology allows different carbon steel sheets to be cut and drilled to build different geometric parts that can be used in different industrial solutions.

The folding machines make different types of folding in carbon steel to shape it and prepare it for a specific purpose. It can be folded in the air or fully where the sheet is pressed through a punch inside the matrix opening. These folded steel sheets can be used in different applications such as electrometrics, doors, automobiles, aeronautics, furniture, etc.

  • custom flat sheets
  • Iron warehouses (distributors)
  • Metal doors
  • Manufacturers of burners and paella pans
  • Manufacturer of public lighting and metal structures
  • Laser cutting companies
  • Folding machines
  • Panel benders
  • Manufacture of drums
  • Armored doors or safes
  • Shears