Carbon Steel Coils

With the coils, carbon steel is rolled up to a width of 2,000 millimeters. With a thickness that can go between 0.3 mm and 6 mm.

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Steel coils are ideal for multiple applications, thanks to the physical and mechanical properties of carbon steel.

Among its applications we have:

The characteristics of this type of steel are mainly weldability, very high resistance and viscosity. It also has great resistance to cracking at temperatures below zero degrees and great resistance to the partial processes of atmospheric corrosion that take place every time the electrolyte layer is formed. These coils are hot rolled, after other carbon steel rolling processes.

Thanks to steel coils, we can make large diameter tubes that we can use in multiple solutions. It has high mechanical strength, viscosity and corrosion resistance.

This type of applications can be very varied. These high carbon steel coils can be used for automated installations and are suitable for laser cutting. The high quality of the steel in coils without defects in the outer and inner layers, enables its application in countless industrial solutions.

The requirements for automotive high carbon steel coils are tight tolerances, minimal thickness variation, high strength, and high plasticity for malleability. A great resistance to high temperatures is needed and it is suitable for coating with lacquers.

High carbon steel coils can be used for household appliances, items used at low temperatures, kitchen appliances, washing and cleaning. Also for electronics, decoders, computers. It can be used for other types of consumer goods such as metal furniture or different lighting systems.